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Are you looking for new, exciting challenges? Do you want to work on a diverse range of project?

Stirling Maynard can give you the opportunity to work alongside experienced colleagues, encounter a broad range of clients and immerse yourself in projects that will exercise your knowledge and grow your own innovative thinking.

As a company we strive to deliver excellence and take pride in the work our staff produce to help us achieve robust and sustainable solutions to engineering problems. We have kept our high standard of work through the efforts of our employees and we recognise that you are the driving force behind our achievements. We are passionate about making sure that we provide rewarding and life-long careers for our employees, understanding the importance of having career progression and a healthy work life balance.

As a multi-professional consultancy we are looking for a diverse range of talent and skills to further enrich the work we do, whether that be in management, engineering, CAD or admin.
Stirling Maynard Consultants have been encouraging new talent since 1927, whether you’re experienced, looking for your first job or simply looking to take that next step in your career, we can offer you a supportive and driven environment to grow your skills and expand your knowledge.

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Stirling Maynard has always been at the forefront of encouraging new team members, be that graduates, apprentices, internships or work placements.

Stirling Maynard will not only provide new graduates and apprentices with the appropriate training, we will also provide a nurturing environment, with mentors, to help you build up your networking, technical knowledge, and confidence. Stirling Maynard is also recognised by the ICE and has the capability to support you on your journey towards chartership. With a diverse range of disciplines Stirling Maynard have everything you could need to start your career.

Our internships and work placements are a great way to get first-hand experience at a career you may be interested in in the future. You will work alongside professionals and get the opportunity to talk to someone who might already be in your dream role!

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