HCC Car Park Assessment

Posted on: 23rd of February 2022

“To prolong the working life of the 1970’s multi-storey car park extension at County Hall, Hertford. Stirling Maynard prepared contract documents and provided site supervision of approximately 4000m2 re-waterproofing works to the roof deck of the car park. The deck works included:

  • Removing the existing asphalt surface and waterproofing system from the reinforced concrete deck slab and downstand beam construction.
  • Concrete repairs to the top surface of the concrete deck slab.
  • Treatment of the concrete deck with migrating corrosion inhibitor
  • Replacement of surface water drainage system
  • Replacing of lighting columns and construction of new lighting column plinths.
  • Installation of vehicle restraint system to the perimeter of the car park deck.