Civil Engineering Consultancy for Nene Park Trust

Stirling Maynard was appointed by Nene Park Trust to provide civil engineering consultancy advice in relation to the park’s 2020 10-year strategic vision.

Established in 1988 Nene Park Trust manages a 697 hectare country park in Peterborough, stretching 6 miles along the Nene valley from Thorpe Meadows to Wansford.  The Trust owns significant infrastructure and other assets within the park, which it needs to manage in a safe and sustainable manner, so as to protect the character and natural environment of the landscape, to maintain accessibility for the community, provide high quality recreational facilities, promote the park as a visitor destination in Peterborough and beyond, and be viewed nationally as an exemplar for others to follow in terms of the provision of an excellent country park.  Aside from ongoing management of existing assets, the Trust has plans to develop the park to improve the visitor experience significantly as well as to improve habitats for wildlife as part of its 2020 vision.

To date, since winning a term commission in June 2012, Stirling Maynard have been asked to undertake a number of civil engineering consultancy commissions for specific projects and routine activities including:

  • Replacement and extension to existing boardwalk through Bluebell Wood.
  • Provision of new wildfowl feeding platform
  • Provision of new Sand Martin bank.
  • Options for provision of improved car parking.
  • Footpath maintenance and improvement.
  • Routine inspections of existing assets


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