Bridge Engineering

Stirling Maynard has over 90 years continuous experience in undertaking bridgeworks and bridge related projects.

We can provide a complete design for a wide variety of bridges and culverts constructed in steel, concrete, timber, and composite materials from single span to multi-span box girder viaducts over roads, rivers and railways. Our highly experienced team has provided valuable feasibility studies for remedial works, full independent design checks, structural inspection analysis and have been commissioned to undertake a number of research and development projects for clients such as the Highways Agency, Network Rail, County Councils and Contractors together with Private Developers and Industrial Clients.

Our services include:

  • Bridge Inspections and Assessment – Stirling Maynard has an exceptional repute in undertaking full structural inspection analysis and assessment of numerous bridge types constructed in a wide range of materials follows by the design and implementation of appropriate maintenance and strengthening measures.
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