Drainage Engineering

Stirling Maynard has a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers who are experts in the design of sustainable drainage systems.

We can offer valuable drainage designs for the most complex of drainage requirements, especially tailored to individual projects. We have maintained fantastic professional ties with statutory providers and with the in depth knowledge of their statutory and legislative requirements and with the use of the latest modelling software, we can provide drainage systems that are compliant and effective. We are able to offer design services regarding the diversion of existing sewers (Section 185 Agreement), the design and adoption of new sewers (Section 104 Agreement) and permission to connect into an existing sewer (Section 106 Agreement). We produce designs that are in accordance with the regulations and requirement of the relative WaSC for the area and provide advice in submitting for approval.

  • Surface and Foul Water Design – Stirling Maynard offers a holistic approach in the design of surface and foul water design of any given site in particular constraints and uses. Our engineers have the ability to design a suitable and efficient conveyance system that not only removes wastewater from areas it is not wanted, but also provides benefits to the environment and society through the inclusion of SuDS. Using industry leading design software, together with out familiarity of SuDS features and proprietary products on the market, the drainage systems we design are done so to comply with both national and local requirements. We tailor our designs to suit the site and its purpose in the rainfall events ranging from everyday showers to rare, extreme storms.
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  • Drainage Surveys – These specialist surveys involve the use of CCTV camera being facilitated down drains to aid the inspection of drainage features, such as chambers and culverts, to determine their state and condition. We are able to facilitate this service through third party contractors that we have fantastic professional relations with. Our engineers can interpret the data provided to assess and recommend any level of remediation required to ensure the drainage system remains operational.
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