Structural Engineering

Here at Stirling Maynard, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified chartered structural engineers working collaboratively across a broad range of sectors.

Our engineers are proficient in design using concrete, steelwork, masonry and timber with the ability to create bespoke and innovative design solutions tailored to individual project requirements. By incorporating computer modelling software into our design, we can help provide solutions that are cost effective and sustainable.


  • Structural Design – We are a multidiscipline consultancy, and our experienced structural engineers are proficient in assessing constraints individual projects present. Alongside the use of the latest analytical and 3D modelling software, we adopt a thorough approach exploring solutions from the foundational engineering propositions to aid the optimisation of elements such as foundations and structural frames. By doing so, we are able to develop design options in a quick and efficient manner that meet out clients objectives.
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  • Structural Modification & Refurbishments – Alongside the design of new structures, our structural engineers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the conversion of existing structures. Our engineers have the ability to undertake aged steel and concrete assessment and surveys with the aim to understand the load limitations, with the aim to design a strengthening scheme to increase the load capacity of the structure with detailed knowledge of the techniques required to strengthen beams, columns and connections.
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  • Structural Surveys and Reports – Alongside structural design, our engineers excel in conducting inspection surveys for existing structures to monitor for defects and remedial strengthening on a wide range of structures from domestic housing and historic listed buildings through to large industrial and commercial facilities.
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