Water Engineering

We offer a wide range of services including the design of major water distribution systems that aid the transport of water, collection systems that convey waste and storm water and managing surface and ground water resources.

Our engineers are able to provide technical and non-technical design solutions working collaboratively with the water supply industry, local authorities and investors. Our engineers have fantastic analytical skills that enable the interpretation of computer simulation models to help devise flood defence strategies and optimal drainage solutions.

  • Flood Risk Assessments and Alleviation Schemes – The combination of erratic and increasingly intense rainfall due to climate change imposes an increased need for floor risk assessments and alleviation schemes. Stirling Maynard, for many years, has developed successful FRA and DAS to help manage and mitigate the effects of flooding on proposed developments. We have established close working relations with the local authorities to help prepare, manage, respond and recover from flooding.
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  • Reservoir Design and Supervision – Reservoirs are an important feature of many water supply systems around the world, especially in the UK. We offer statutory inspections, detailed design and supervision of construction of reservoirs for varying sizes and complexities of reservoirs providing efficient and pragmatic solutions for our clients.
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  • Coastal and Marine Engineering – With the sea levels rising due to climate change, it is now becoming essential to realign our sea defences landwards. Our engineers have detailed understanding of the principles of oceanography, geology and marine environment which are incorporated into the design and development of schemes, feasibility/option analysis, programming and risk/contract/project management.
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